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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Witnessing to two brothers at the Redondo Beach Pier

For the past few months, I have decided to spend an hour down at the Redondo Beach Pier witnessing to people. Every Friday afternoon from 5-6 pm you can usually find me down at the Redondo Beach Pier doing some fishing. This past Friday I had the opportunity to meet two brothers who were fishing at the pier. When I asked them where they were going to spend eternity, they said "hell" with a slight laugh. It turns out these two brothers were raised in a Christian home but were not walking with Christ. They were currently living sinful lives that they knew would end them up in hell and were not trusting in Christ for salvation. I pleaded with them to turn from their sin and not to risk eternity on temporary pleasures. Please pray for them, that they would turn from their sin and trust in Christ while they have time.

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