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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trust Jesus!

Recently, my scooter broke down and I have since started riding my bike to work again. This is actually good in that it gets me some extra exercise every day and saves me a little money on gas. An added benefit that I didn't realize until I started riding was that it also gives me extra opportunities to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to people.

On a typical day, I hear many more people around me taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain at work, at stores, and on TV, so I determined that I would not let those people be bolder in proclaiming the name of Jesus than me. So when I ride my bike past people, I try to say something like "Trust Jesus!" Some people smile, others give me a bewildered look, and one time so far, a man looked at me and said "I do" and gave me a thumbs up!

We live in a country where most people call themselves Christian. If that were the case, at least half of the people I said "trust Jesus" to would smile, give me a thumbs up, or say "I do." However, I have had 1 person so far give me a positive response. I encourage you to be bold in proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ! It is the most powerful name in the universe! One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If nothing else, it gets people to think about Jesus Christ, who He is to them, and perhaps how they may have misused His name at some time during that day.

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