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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Harvest is Plentiful

Today, May 4, 2012, I went to the Redondo Beach pier to share the gospel with the people there. I was there for about an hour and it is amazing how much need there is for the gospel right here in our own backyard.

I met a man named Angel who didn't care much where he was going when he died, even if that meant Hell. As we talked, he seemed to soften up a little bit and said he would honestly think about our conversation and eternity.

I also ran into Tony, a young man who said he was without sin. After going through a few of the Commandments he realized he was not sinless but still thought he was good enough for heaven. I tried to reason with him and some if it seemed to get through to him.

I also talked with Effin and Andrew (?) about the gospel. They laughed when I asked them if they were thieves because apparently they scam people all the time. They heard the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.

On my way home I ran into an English man named Dave. I was in a hurry, but he stopped and wanted to talk. Thus, I stopped and engaged him. He was a man from England, here for business, and we had a great conversation. I shared with him the Law and the gospel and he asked me questions about cancer, suffering, dealing with sin and about my personal testimony. He had an English Baptist background that he walked away from because of hypocrisy in the people there. He knew he needed to return and he knew he was not right with God if he were to die tonight. I pleaded with him to repent and put his faith in Jesus and he seemed to agree at a surface level. I told him that God may have sent him across the globe so that we would meet and he would hear the gospel and the urgency to make peace with God through His Son. My prayer is that he would not forget our conversation and would cry out to God to save Him. He said I was "a good chap" and that "my faith was strong", which he admired. He was wrong on both accounts.

It had nothing at all to do with me. God will do whatever it takes to save someone. Perhaps bringing this man from England to Redondo Beach was God's way of making sure that the 1 was brought back to the 99 (Luke 15:1-7) and spared from being dragged away by the enemy.

Just a vivid reminder that the harvest is plentiful. Pray that God would raise up more laborers to go into the harvest (Luke 10:2)!

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