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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Door to Door

Recently, on my way home from work, I was riding my bike and there were two Mormon missionaries on their bikes in front of me. I actually got excited when I saw them because I knew I would eventually catch up with them and be able to talk to them. I rode alongside them for about ten minutes, asking them some questions about their faith and then we stopped because we had to go different directions. One thing I confirmed when talking with them was that they are only allowed to call home twice a year, and it’s always on Mother’s Day and Christmas. Why would they only allow them to call home twice a year? It is an interesting restriction considering Mormon families seem to be very family oriented.

After listening to them for a little while I was able to share the Gospel with them. One thing I learned was that they can't go to the Celestial Kingdom unless you keep the 10 commandments. Since no one on the earth has ever done that besides Jesus, I asked them where they were going to go. Once I brought them through the Ten Commandments, they admitted they had broken them, and they even admitted their prophet here on earth today hadn't kept them. I don't think they wanted to admit that, but they didn't have a choice. After we looked at the Law, they knew that even their prophet has lied, stolen, lusted, and blasphemed at some point in his life. At that point, I was able to share with them what Jesus Christ did for them so that they wouldn't have to go to hell and could go to heaven when they die and that nothing we do can ever make us right with God. After all, if their own modern day prophets haven't kept the Commandments and won't be able to go to the Celestial Kingdom, what hope do they have of ever going there. It was a good conversation. They took my name and number and said they'd send some missionaries by my home to talk further. Their names were Hoggan, and Selezar.

True to their word, they sent some other missionaries by and I have been able to meet with them at my home twice since then. They are very nice, very sincere, young men, but they have the wrong answer for eternity. They are scheduled to come back in two weeks. Thus far, we have been discussing their view of Jesus Christ, the role of their prophet in their lives, the Bible, and other topics. Our next meeting, we will be watching a movie Good News for LDS that compares Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith and touches on many of the false teachings of the Mormon Church.

Next time you have some Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door, I pray you take that opportunity to invite them in, love them, and help them see that they have been deceived. A great apologetic website that has helped me learn how to witness to people of different faiths is  Always Be Ready. Check it out sometime.